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The Pond

 Sudbury Pond is an old farmhouse pond originally part of West Moor Farm, a part of Sir Arthur Dormanís Grey Towers Estate prior to 1931. The pond is now enclosed within a modern housing estate built c1970s. The pond is in the ownership of Middlesbrough Council and itís future existence is protected by a legal covenant as a permanent asset to this area.


The variable boundaries of the pond itself are approximately 60 Ė 100 feet long by 40 feet wide and lies at the base of a small valley area approximately 300 foot long by 70 ft wide.


The depth of water in the pond also appears to be very variable and is dependent on seepage from nearby higher areas and rainfall. There is the possibility of it being fed by a spring although this source has not yet been seen.


 The pond itself has a high population of Typha reed (Bulrush) which, whilst attractive to the eye, can very aggressively multiply during the summer months and invade the areas of open water.


 The wild surrounds of the pond beyond the Typha reedbed are populated with dense stands of soft plants, attractively flowered in summer but dying back to dead brown stems in winter.    


 A variety of animals exists in and around the pond.  When there is visible open water the pond attracts a variety of birdlife including mallard duck, moorhen, swans and the occasional heron. In summer the air above the pond is often flown over by house martins, swallows and swifts feeding on the abundant insect life. Pipistrelle bats have been observed feeding on insects as dusk falls.

  Mrs Duck and her family July 2014


 The wet area and its surrounds support a variety of amphibian life including frogs, toads and newts (but sadly no Greater Crested Newts). Entrance holes around the banks show evidence of small mammals.


The western boundary has a substantial shrub and tree cover, primarily dogwood and willow, with a number of cultured trees existing in adjacent garden ends.