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Issue : 05 November 2016 14.21 am



Pond at 11 October 2011                                                        Pond January 2015


This original farm pond has now been integrated into a modern housing estate as a natural feature. The Friends of Sudbury Pond have undertaken to improve and maintain the pond for the benefit of the community. We consider it should become a safe and healthy feature for the enjoyment of residents of all ages, as well as being an attractive environment for all kinds of pond life from aquatic creatures to visiting birds.

To find Sudbury Pond at post code TS8 9XZ (turn off Stainton Way roundabout into The Fairway, turn left into Carnoustie Way, pond dead ahead).





Latest news

November  2016 - The Tees Valley Wildlife Trust obtained Lottery funding to conduct a makeover of the pond.         NY Plant Hire provided the heavy machinery, driver John and Banksman Rob, to carry out the work. As the pond was almost dry it gave the opportunity to remove all the excess vegetation and silt in the pond. A new flood bund was made from the silt to prevent flooding into nearby properties. It is hoped for sufficient rain to again refill the pond  over the next few weeks.

August 2016 - The water dropped drastically over the recent dry period leaving the western end of the pond exposed to mud. In late August sufficient rain fell to bring up the level of the pond to complete water cover.

June 2016 - A quantity of wild flower seeds were set across the western wild flower meadow. A part of the meadow was cleared of grass and double dug before seeding as a experiment (cleared area versus uncleared area. The result was a fantastic growth of grasses on both areas with nary a wild flower in sight.

May 2016 - The mallard ducks returned to the pond to raise a family of six ducklings. In 2015 they started with eight ducklings but a mixture of vandalism and magpie attack reduced them to three which fledged and the mother took them off to Stewarts Park (probably) for the summer.Two Moorhen families raised two youngsters each and are still living happily in the pond.









Sudbury Pond Bat and Newt Survey Friday evening, 8:15pm, 09 May, 2014

We had 5 adults and one youngster turn up at last evening's event. We set out 15 bottle traps around the pond and then as dusk descended we proceeded to use a high intensity lantern to check what was in the water. Using a net we were able to catch eight female and three male smooth newts in our net, one female was carrying a lot of eggs and the males were really bothering her, all were returned to the pond. I was very surprised to see so many newts as I doubted there were any in the pond.

When dusk fell we were regaled by a number of pipistrelle bats pirouetting in front of us, they were race-tracking around the pond and producing some fantastic echolocation sounds in our bat detectors.

The next morning Jonathan Pounder and I recovered the bottle traps we set out the previous evening. Apart from a large number of frog and toad tadpoles we found one male and one female smooth newt.

It was a good event and we will be repeating it during the next few months to build up a database of life in and around the pond

New bird and bat boxes placed in trees around the pond, 01 June 2014



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